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Conduct a case study on an album (musical work) that has had a clear influence on the industry. Provide an overview of the key people involved in the production of the work. Examine the tracks on the album and critical analyse the key production values that define the album overall. Use quotes and other materials from a variety of sources to support the analysis.



Wax On, Wax Off [Accessed: 14.01.12]

Disinformation Society: Beck – “The Information” [Accessed: 14.01.12]

Rock & Roll: Beck Breaks New Ground [Accessed: 14.01.12]


Q&A: Beck – He’s Finally Got a New Family, a New Block-Rockin’ CD, “Guero,” and a New Age Secret Influence: Yanni [Accessed: 14.01.12]

Beck [Accessed: 14.01.12]

Hung with Guitar String: The Lake, It Is Said, Never Gives Up Her Dead [Accessed: 14.01.12]

Sampling Remains Prevalent Despite Legal Uncertainties [Accessed: 14.01.12]

Beck: The Rolling Stone Interview [Accessed:14.01.12]


Beck Giving Fans Sticky Fingers With Quasi-Hip-Hop Album [Accessed: 16.01.12]

The Information – [Accessed: 16.01.12]

Beck – The Information [Accessed: 17.01.12]

Album: Beck The Information, Interscope [Accessed: 17.01.12]

Beck: The Information Beck’s gone electro. And it’s brilliant [Accessed: 17.01.12]

The Infinite Album [Accessed: 17.01.12]

Becks “Painful” Album [Accessed: 18.01.12]


Beck Bio – [Accessed: 16.01.12]


Beck – Mutations [Accessed: 22.01.12]

Beck – Sea Change [Accessed: 22.01.12]

Beck – Guerolito [Accessed: 24.01.12]


The Information


Beck Discography

Beck Awards


Binelli, Mark – Sir Paul Rides Again [Accessed: 02.01.12]

Molenda, Michael – Here, There and Everywhere [Accessed: 02.01.12]

Hurwitz, Matt – Goldmine Interviews [Accessed: 02.01.12]

48th Annual Grammy Award Nominees [Accessed: 02.01.12]

Write a reflective logbook for the BCM130.1 Practical Project (Web Site). Provide a production overview and a critical analysis of the process of the creation of the Web Site. It is important that key creative and technical decisions that were made during the production are highlighted and examined through a reflective analysis of the project.



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