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For this assessment task students are required to prepare an analytical written report.

Select at least five (5) online or off-line articles, by five different authors and three (3) other sources (interviews, audio tracks, pictures, films, video clips etc.), that are related to your specialised area of interest (as defined by the Creative Project 2 topic).

The material should be selected carefully. Primarily seminal documents of influential authors should be considered. They must be appropriate, authoritative and relevant demonstrating differing perspectives (or opinions) on the specific topic.



Music Makers: Popular Culture in Music Education – Popular Music in the Classroom: Where to Begin? – Sarah Morrison [Accessed: 07.12.11]

The Great Pop Boom – Herrera & Trust [Accessed: 07.12.11]

“Popular Music and Society” and the Evolving Discipline of Popular Music Studies – Gary Burns [Accessed: 10.12.11]

“Now We’re on the Top, Top of the Pops”: The Performance of “Non-Mainstream” Music on “Billboard’s” Albums Charts, 1981-2001 – Jim Sernoe [Accessed: 10.12.11]

Radio Friendly: Part 2 – Kevin Sinclair [Accessed: 11.12.11]


The Persistence of Musical Memories: A Descriptive Study of Earworms – Bartlett & Hapbern [Accessed: 29.11.11]

Centaur Reading – Earworms (“stuck song syndrome”): Towards a Natural History of Intrusive Thoughts – Beaman and Williams [Accessed: 30.11.11]

The Selling Power of Song: Catalog Evergreens Pop Up as Jingles in Increasing Numbers – Lichtman [Accessed: 30.11.11]

A Typology of ‘Hooks’ in Popular Records [Accessed: 07.12.11]


Two-and-a-Half Centuries in the Life of a Hook – Mercer Taylor [Accessed: 26.11.11]

Effect of Music Training and Musical Complexity on Focus of Attention to Melody or Harmony – Williams [Accessed: 25.11.11]

Music Makers: åSong Structure – Farish [Accessed: 25.11.11]

Factors of Musical Perception – Three Points of View – Cuddy, Keane & Zuk [Accessed: 11.12.11]

Melodic Contour Similarity Using Folk Melodies – Mark Schmuckler [Accessed: 12.12.11]


The Basics – Pentatonic Scales [Accessed: 25.11.11]

Reviews: “This Is Pop: In Search of the Elusive at Experience Music Project,” Edited by Eric Weisbard [Accessed: 25.11.11]

The Effect of Pattern Recognition and Tonal Predictability on Sight-Singing Ability [Accessed: 25.11.11]

Soloing: The Importance of Melody [Accessed: 25.11.11]

Keyboards: Getting Outside the Tonality While Staying Inside the Melody–Part 1 [Accessed: 25.11.11]

Sign on the Dotted Void: Peppy Songs with Hooks and Beats – the New Underground Craze! [Accessed: 06.12.11]

JYU – Melodic and Contextual Similarity of Folk Song Phrases [Accessed: 30.11.11]


Philipp Tagg’s Online Texts [Accessed: 06:11:11]

Share – Best Song Hooks [Accessed: 25.11.11] – 500 Greatest Songs of All Time [Accessed: 25.11.11]

The – 100 Greatest Songs of All Time [Accessed: 25.11.11]

Songwriter’s Resource Guide [Accessed: 01.12.11


World Science – Bobby McFerrin Hacks Your Brain With Music [Accessed: 24.11.11]

World Science – Notes & Neurons: In Search of the Common Chorus [Accessed: 25.11.11]

Write a reflective logbook for the BCM130.1 Practical Project (Web Site). Provide a production overview and a critical analysis of the process of the creation of the Web Site. It is important that key creative and technical decisions that were made during the production are highlighted and examined through a reflective analysis of the project.



Burruss, L. 2009, Creating a CSS style Guide: Hands-On Training (streaming audio: FLV) [online], Lynda Online Training Library. Available from: [Accessed: 23.03.2011]

Close Window 2011, [online], The JavaScript Source. Available from window.html [Accessed: 26.05.11]

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Popup Windows: Targeting the Opener 2002, [online], HTML Code Tutorial. Available from: http:// [Accessed: 26.05.11]

Weinman, B. 2009, XHTML and HTML Essential Training (streaming audio: FLV) [online], Lynda Online Training Library. Available from: %3A4%0Alinktypeid%3A2%0Aq%3Ahtml%0Apage%3A1%0As%3Arelevance%0Asa%3Atrue%0Aproducttypeid%3A2 [Accessed: 18.03.2011]

Williamson, J. 2010, Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training (streaming audio: FLV) [online], Lynda Online Training Library. Available from: %3A7%0Alinktypeid%3A2%0Aq%3Ajames%20williamson%0Apage%3A1%0As%3Arelevance%0Asa%3Atrue %0Aproducttypeid%3A2 [Accessed: 03.04.2011]

Select a well known artist, producer/director or a ‘key thinker’ as the subject for the presentation. The person that you choose must have had an identifiable influence on contemporary society and/or the media industry (E.g. Music/Film). In your analysis you need to provide specific examples that illustrate their influence. Students must clearly characterize the individuals “point of view” by making reference to key concepts and theories that have been covered in the unit.



In Rainbows Review – [Accessed: 27.12.2010]

In Rainbows Review – [Accessed: 27.12.2010]

In Rainbows Review – [Accesses: 27.12.2010]

In Rainbows Review – Dusted [Accessed: 29.12.2010]

In Rainbows Review – Almost [Accessed: 29.12.2010]

RADIOHEAD BIO: [Accessed 23.01.2011]

All [Accessed 23.01.2011]

Musician [Accessed 23.01.2011]


Radiohead – w.a.s.t.e. central [Accessed: 30.01.2011]

Radiohead – Dead Air Space – Blogsite [Accessed: 20.12.2010]

Pay What You Want For This Article – New York Times [Accessed: 20.12.2010]

David Byrne and Thom Yorke on the Real Value of Music [Accessed: 24.12.2010]

Radiohead: Exclusive Interview – (Part 1) [Accessed: 25.12.2010]

Radiohead: Exclusive Interview – (Part 2) [Accessed: 25.12.2010]

Radiohead Says: Pay What You Want – [Accessed: 25.12.2010]

Set Yourself Free – Index on Censorship [Accessed: 27.12.2010]

Radiohead News – Yahoo Music [Accessed: 27.12.2010]

Exclusive: Warner Chappell Reveals Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ Pot of Gold [Accessed: 27.12.2010]

Radiohead and In Rainbows – Pushing the boundaries in Publishing, too [Accessed: 27.12.2010]

EU Wants DRM Interoperability, Cross-Border Licensing To Bolster Content Sector [Accessed: 27.12.2010]

Majority Download Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ For Free [Accessed: 03.01.2011]

Why Give Away Music For Free [Accessed: 06.01.2011]


Bloggers ordered to remove Radiohead material [Accessed: 28.12.2010]

Radiohead’s bid to revive music industry: pay what you like to download albums [Accessed: 28.12.2010]

Piracy growing as fewer fans buy downloads [Accessed: 28.12.2010]

Music industry finds the solution to its pirate troubles – give everything away [Accesses: 28.12.2010]

These shoe-gazers are trailblazers [Accessed: 28.12.2010]


Public consultation on “Content Online” 2009-2010 [Accessed: 27.12.2010]

Policy Paper on Creative Content Online [Accessed: 27.12.2010]


Radiohead [Accessed: 20.12.2010]

In Rainbows [Accessed: 20.12.2010]


[Accessed 25.01.2011]


[Accessed: 20.12.2010]