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Natasha is a live sound engineer who has recently bought herself a Pro Tools rig. She sets the rig up at gigs and makes a multi track recording of bands performance via the direct outs of the front of house console. She then takes the recordings home, mixes them down and sells them back to the bands. She also places the recordings on her website and offers them for sale for $5 a gig.

Discuss how Natasha can best comply with performer’s rights legislation so as to not run into any issues with the bands in the future, also;
Natasha has learnt that Bob has used a sample from one of her recordings in a track that he has produced. Discuss wether copyright law makes it necessary for Bob to obtain Natasha’s permission to use the sample. 


Develop a business plan for setting up and operating a new (start up) company in the digital media (entertainment) industry. The purpose of the business plan (BP) is to provide a descriptive outline of the business strategies and the operational aspects of the business. The BP should be written for the purpose of seeking financing, either from a bank or a prospective investor; therefore you will need to illustrate that you have a sound proposition for investment and clearly outline the conditions under which the financing is being sought.

The business plan must effectively communicate the key strategic business concepts that have been developed. Consider the use of innovative and creative business solutions that effectively meet the requirements for your target market.



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