Select two influential producers. Write a report that provides an analysis of key works that define them as a creative force. Ensure that you provide a descriptive overview of the key elements of each producer’s style. Using a variety of examples, consider how their professional work has contributed to developments within the field.



America – Homecoming (Producer/Engineer/Mix/Surround Mix)

Donald Fagen – Morph The Cat (Mix)

Donald Fagen – The Night Fly (Producer/Engineer/Mix)

Eagles – Hell Freezes Over (Producer/Engineer/Mix)

Eagles – Long Road Out of Eden (Mix)

Queen – A Night at the Opera (Surround Mix)

Steely Dan – Aja (Engineer)

Steely Dan – Gaucho (Engineer/Mix)

Steely Dan – Two Against Nature (Engineer)

Toto – Toto IV (Mix/Surround Mix)


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