Write a reflective logbook for the BCM130.1 Practical Project (Web Site). Provide a production overview and a critical analysis of the process of the creation of the Web Site. It is important that key creative and technical decisions that were made during the production are highlighted and examined through a reflective analysis of the project.



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  1. Nice Noo…you know they dropped Web Technologies as of next tri. The national grade average for this unit was reallyyyy low apparently! Lol…I always said it was too much for people to do! Dang it just missed out!


  2. nigelcarboon says:

    Nice one Mish! Your mission statement is excellent (natch).

    Hey have you seen the HTML5 platform that Adobe are releasing, called Edge? Looks amazing… Illustrator meets webdesign. No more reaching for the codeine because you’ve done too much coding!!

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