Select a well known artist, producer/director or a ‘key thinker’ as the subject for the presentation. The person that you choose must have had an identifiable influence on contemporary society and/or the media industry (E.g. Music/Film). In your analysis you need to provide specific examples that illustrate their influence. Students must clearly characterize the individuals “point of view” by making reference to key concepts and theories that have been covered in the unit.



In Rainbows Review – [Accessed: 27.12.2010]

In Rainbows Review – [Accessed: 27.12.2010]

In Rainbows Review – [Accesses: 27.12.2010]

In Rainbows Review – Dusted [Accessed: 29.12.2010]

In Rainbows Review – Almost [Accessed: 29.12.2010]

RADIOHEAD BIO: [Accessed 23.01.2011]

All [Accessed 23.01.2011]

Musician [Accessed 23.01.2011]


Radiohead – w.a.s.t.e. central [Accessed: 30.01.2011]

Radiohead – Dead Air Space – Blogsite [Accessed: 20.12.2010]

Pay What You Want For This Article – New York Times [Accessed: 20.12.2010]

David Byrne and Thom Yorke on the Real Value of Music [Accessed: 24.12.2010]

Radiohead: Exclusive Interview – (Part 1) [Accessed: 25.12.2010]

Radiohead: Exclusive Interview – (Part 2) [Accessed: 25.12.2010]

Radiohead Says: Pay What You Want – [Accessed: 25.12.2010]

Set Yourself Free – Index on Censorship [Accessed: 27.12.2010]

Radiohead News – Yahoo Music [Accessed: 27.12.2010]

Exclusive: Warner Chappell Reveals Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ Pot of Gold [Accessed: 27.12.2010]

Radiohead and In Rainbows – Pushing the boundaries in Publishing, too [Accessed: 27.12.2010]

EU Wants DRM Interoperability, Cross-Border Licensing To Bolster Content Sector [Accessed: 27.12.2010]

Majority Download Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ For Free [Accessed: 03.01.2011]

Why Give Away Music For Free [Accessed: 06.01.2011]


Bloggers ordered to remove Radiohead material [Accessed: 28.12.2010]

Radiohead’s bid to revive music industry: pay what you like to download albums [Accessed: 28.12.2010]

Piracy growing as fewer fans buy downloads [Accessed: 28.12.2010]

Music industry finds the solution to its pirate troubles – give everything away [Accesses: 28.12.2010]

These shoe-gazers are trailblazers [Accessed: 28.12.2010]


Public consultation on “Content Online” 2009-2010 [Accessed: 27.12.2010]

Policy Paper on Creative Content Online [Accessed: 27.12.2010]


Radiohead [Accessed: 20.12.2010]

In Rainbows [Accessed: 20.12.2010]


[Accessed 25.01.2011]


[Accessed: 20.12.2010]

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